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Kevin Six is an actor, director and playwright from San Diego, CA. Kevin was the 2009-11 Playwright in Residence at Swedenborg Hall and his play Love, Unrequited, in Three Galleries was the 2008 winner of The Scripteasers’ Script Tease of Short Plays. His play The Cake Women was published in 2008 in Smith and Kraus’ The Best 10-Minute Plays of 2007. Kevin’s play, Love Negotiated was a finalist in the 2006 Diverse Voices Playwriting Contest sponsored by the Hinton Battle Theatre Laboratory and was produced to critical success in 2008; it is available via Next Stage Press . As a director and an actor, he has appeared at Compass, Intrepid Shakespeare, the Old Globe, Fritz, the Marquis, Swedenborg Hall and San Diego Junior theatres as well as on several industrial and commercial film projects.

He Will Not Be Named

This is a rumination on mental illness, its fallout, and the presidency. After being sued in 1964 because their distanced diagnosis of Barry Goldwater cost him an election, and losing, the American Psychiatric Association adopted the “Goldwater Rule” in their … Continue reading

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Bill Simmons: The Better Half

Bill was the better half of the San Diego Junior Theatre duo known as Kevin and Bill. The duo always performed, often to great acclaim, but never officially. In fact, Kevin and Bill was not only not a professional comedy … Continue reading

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Would you rent to us?

We’re looking for an apartment in San Diego and, because everyone else in San Diego is also looking, we thought we needed to set ourselves apart. Who are we? Glad you asked… Kevin Six (l) and Jennie Olson Six (r) … Continue reading

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Repulsing the Monkey Cast

Repulsing the Monkey director Kevin Six tells us why he uses certain actors — a lot. I don’t think you’ll ever hear a director or a producer tell you they had trouble casting a show before it opens. But every … Continue reading

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Elegy For…

I mourn my hair today. I lost it long ago. But for some reason, its loss pains me more today. Its length, its darkness, its abundance, lost, along with the ability to wear cool clothes and say cool things. Abundant … Continue reading

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That time I went to New York to surf

Here’s a Throwback Thursday article on surfing in New York. I don’t have photos because I was not affiliated with the illustrious Kymri Wilt then. But it’s a good read nonetheless… Here, now, is New York Surf by Kevin Six… … Continue reading

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Commuter Poetry II

“Don’t guess,” says Poetry
“Just know.”

How many times has this happened to you on a commuter train? Continue reading

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Commuter Poetry

The girl in the “Weed is my Spirit Animal” t-shirt. The woman in the hajib, shorts and wedgies. The problem with the ruling class.  The guy who hits his Vape pipe before boarding. The angry black man. The woman with … Continue reading

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Nerd Land

 We’re off to the  wonderful world of wizards, wait… No. The comical adventures of… Wait. Okay, we’re going to the Star Wars celebration!!

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80s Model Rusty Surfboard

I have the unhappy task of selling a classic surfboard but it represents an opportunity for you. The board made its way to Star Surf where I bought it, loved surfing it and finally retired it — though it’s still … Continue reading

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